Restaurateur, Andre Karam, reached out to Deux North and Aria Media to help get his new brand back on track. We were tasked with creating stationary, menus, digital and promotional collateral with a cohesive, minimal feel as well as throw a grand opening event to unite and celebrate the diverse, East Portland community.




All Menus

Business Cards

Marketing Collateral

Social Graphic

Event Graphics


Brand Strategy

Event Activation

Social Media Strategy

Sponsor Development

Digital Marketing Strategy & Activation




Summer Luu – Photography

Michelle Pearl Gee – Photography

BethLayne Hansen – Photography

Hannah Christopherson – Marketing


White Claw Hard Seltzer

Oregon Design Company

Thought Cloud

Tall Drink of Water


What’s in the works?

We are happy to announce that this project is ongoing and will be updated as additional work is completed. Currently working on the following:

Responsive Website Design

Additional Promotional Materials

Stay tuned…


Il Rimedio

The founders of Il Rimedio approached Deux North Studios to create the identity for a simple product with massive goals: eliminate the stigma of using hemp as a medicinal factor, empower women of all walks of life, and provide a holistic product to combat all types of stressors and PMS symptoms.

In order to elevate the conversation around hemp use and women’s wellness, we first needed to elevate the aesthetic away from that of typical cannabis and PMS-related products. We sought to create a sleek and modern feel without falling into the “millennial” branding rut, pink-washing, or being aggressively feminine. We want women as well as men to feel not only comfortable but proud to purchase this product for themselves or the much deserving ladies in their lives.


Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.01.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 1.47.33 PM.png

What we achieved is an identity that is both accessible yet aspirational, professional yet friendly, authoritative yet humble.

Each detail and supporting graphic is intentional and directed at a consumer who cares for their health, the health of others, the beauty of their space, and the availability and legitimacy of alternate medications.

DN_Portfolio_IlRimedio_v02_Supporting Graphics.jpg

EC Electric

EC Electric approached us in need of a massive website redesign. They desired a new aesthetic to elevate the business and showcase their often overlooked or misunderstood services. They felt their enthusiasm for their craft was underrepresented by the current design and hoped to breathe more life into their brand.

What we created for them was a unique, modular, and completely custom experience. Subtle hints to circuitry and electrical connections were weaved throughout the whole experience by means of color coding, hover effects, and animations.

Created while working at Watson Creative.

Photographer – Summer Luu

Photographer – Summer Luu

Photographer – Summer Luu

Photographer – Summer Luu

EC_Mobile_Mockup_1 (1).jpg

Golf Crest

The founders of Golf Crest Tours approached Deux North to create a new identity for their first luxury golf venture. Skilled golfers themselves and well-versed in the business of luxury travel, they had a clear vision of what they wanted.

Golf Crest Tours provides a bespoke experience with your every need taken care of. From your tee time to your lunch reservations, your bookings to your translators, they’ve thought of everything.

They aim to be the best premium operation in the luxury golf space with a friendly yet exclusive identity system that places them firmly above their competition.

While most know Spain and Scotland to be the golfing meccas of the world, Golf Crest Tours is breaking new ground in France, an undiscovered golfing gem.



Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 6.25.30 PM.png

Chown Hardware

Chown Hardware was in need of a modernized, user-friendly, fully responsive web presence with print collateral to match. Their products are world-class, eclectic, and high quality. Chown Hardware is a family owned and run business. Over the last 137 years, it has been built upon dedication to world travel and bringing the best products the world has to offer to their hubs of Portland, Oregon and Bellevue, Washington. Their desired aesthetic is sophisticated and refined. It was my responsibility to marry Chown's ideals and values with their overall aesthetic. 

Created while working at Watson Creative.


My solution was to bring light and space to both their print and digital collateral, allowing their exemplary products to breathe and become the center of attention. In order to do this, I sought to eliminate all unnecessary detail, refining all visuals and messaging to their purest forms. 

I created a family of custom icons to humanize and otherwise slightly austere look and entice the user to engage with and explore the website as much as possible. The minimalist result allowed the images, iconography, copy, and intricate functionalities to shine and delight potential customers. 



The founders of Sakred and Deux North connected in early 2018 and set out to create a series of uniquely different yet equally impactful products for those seeking a high vibrational way of being – all under the umbrella identity, Sakred.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 5.40.06 PM.png

Delta Mantra

New business owner, Jay Ponciano, contacted the team at Watson Creative to help bring his new cannabis business, Delta Mantra, to life. We were tasked with creating his new brand identity, strategy, responsive website, marketing, packaging, and printed collateral.

The cannabis industry is booming in Portland, and Jay intends to be a major contender. 

Created while working at Watson Creative.


The city – and now much of the nation – is flooded with cannabis related designs and new dispensaries. In order to set Delta Mantra apart from the competition, we created an identity, collateral, and a digital presence that uses a bright color scheme in a more elegant, minimalist way than typical, psychedelic executions. 

KAM_8587 copy.jpg
KAM_8676 copy.jpg


For the e-commerce site, the brand colors were used sparingly and intentionally to identify strains and call attention to messaging. The site itself is fully responsive and comprised of custom wireframes, elegant photography shot in-house, and subtle parallax effects. 


We created a full suite of printed materials and products including business cards, brochures, labels, bags, and packaging designs. We chose matte materials across the board with pops of clear foil to accentuate colors and create a luxurious, yet accessible feel.


Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus

Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus, formerly known as Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, approached Deux North for a complete rebrand and print/digital overhaul. As the company matured and was acquired by new management, they felt the need for a new, more professional look.

Lupus is a widespread and chronic autoimmune disease and is known as a kaleidoscope disease due to the many combinations of afflictions that may be present in each individual. It is also commonly accompanied by a facial rash in the shape of a butterfly. With this knowledge, we created a kaleidoscope-like mark out of butterflies.



Bank of Eastern Oregon

Bank of Eastern Oregon approached us to modernize their web presence and refresh their existing branding. The Bank of Eastern Oregon has been serving their community for over seventy years, so the new branding and website needed to retain their current brand recognition within the older community while simultaneously extending their reach to younger generations. 

Our solutions were to update their colors, supply new, energetic assets in the form of patterns and photography, create a responsive and engaging website, and create a more iconic and refined identity.

Created while working at Watson Creative.


The color scheme was tweaked to feel more rich and reliable. Though very close to the originals, the colors are deeper and more elegant, paying respect to the brand's history while strengthening positive subconscious connotations. The edit was meant to feel like an upgrade, not a departure.

The website was non-responsive, cramped, and quite outdated.

We created a modular website driven by big, beautiful photography, and supported by a new brand video, patterns, and subtle functionalities. The new design added an ample amount of white space around the elements, giving them room to breathe and command their own attention. This is the "get to know us" site, so it needed to be engaging and create a journey with the user.