Y Workshops

The founder of YWorkshops reached out to me to rebrand their new business. She already had a signature that communicated, in part, her desired aesthetic, but it fell short of her vision for a scalable, potentially global presence. YWorkshops is a speaker and mentorship series helping local Portland entrepreneurs learn how to build and grow their businesses, identify what success looks like and how to achieve it, and strengthen their network. This is achieved through curated events and local meet-ups at which accomplished people from around the country and all walks of life share their skills and stories. 


In order to create an identity that is inclusive, scalable, inviting, and energetic, rich blue hues with supporting pastels were used to incite feeling of trust, curiosity, and the youthful mindset that comes with being a lifelong learner. The palette is meant to address all sexes, 20 and older.

The modular and dynamic construction of the logo lends itself to multiple configurations that can be customized to fit a wide range of applications, target demographics, and occasions. The elements of the logo were intended to represent the building-block nature of learning and discovery, a concept we're all familiar will that transcends cultural divides.